Tina is a well versed saxophonist whose many years of classical training bring much skill and versatility to the jazz idiom. She currently performs with the Tiptons, Seattle Womens Jazz Orchestra, and her own jazz quintet Hard Bop or Not?. Tina has performed with Big Bands since 1989 and small jazz ensembles since 1993. She is the Overall Instrumental Soloist Winner from the 1997 Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival at the University of Idaho, where she attained her Bachelor's of Music. Tina introduced herself to the Seattle jazz scene while attending the University of Washington. Ms Richerson was the first female to perform and record live with the Seattle Jazz Repertory Orchestra. She graduated with her Master's degree in 2002. Tina has also performed with Claudio Roditi, Don Lanphere, Jon Goforth, Gretta Metassa, Frank Grace, Mallet Jazz, and the jazz trio Love Must Swing.