Faith Stankevich

Faith Stankevich has been performing on stages since age 2, following in the footsteps of her family. Her first area of discipline was tap dancing, and in early adulthood found the drum set. Since then she has shared the stage with huge talents including members of Bon Jovi, Conan O'Brian's band, occasional E Street Band players, Jon Popper of Blues Traveler, Michael Shrieve of Santana and many equally talented musicians. She has played in a variety of projects as diverse as jazz, hard rock, reggae, singer/songwriter, soul, hip hop, and sketch comedy musicals. Past and present band credits include San Pedro Circus, Stingshark (formerly Phat Sidy Smokehouse), Piece, Marmalade and Dream On (including members of Honey Tongue and Swamp Mama Johnson). She is presently enjoying the challenge of playing with the highly talented and creative women of the Tiptons.